Our Mission

The Medallic Art Society of Canada is dedicated to the creation, promotion, appreciation, and education is the fine art of the medal.


Initial MASC meeting July 16, 2000 Del Newbigging
and Anne Lazare-Mirvish working on the details.


Alex Husveti, Carlo Toccalino and
Dora De Pedery Hunt at the MASC meeting
November 4, 2000

Our History

Back in 1966, Del Newbigging, MASC’S president-to-be, began his study of medals with Canada’s foremost medallist, Dora de Pedery-Hunt. His continued involvement in the medallic arts through the British Art Medal Society, the American Médallic Sculpture Association, and the Fédération Internationale de la Medaille/International Medal Federation inspired the foundation of the Medallic Art Society of Canada. On July 16, 2000, with a National Post reporter present, Del Newbigging, Dora de Pédery-Hunt and other notable medallists voted unanimously to form MASC.

With the adoption of its mission statement, pragmatic and tactical details being resolved, the founding members were established: Dora de Pedery-Hunt, Dr. Alexander Husveti, Geert Maas, Susan Taylor, Anne Lazare-Mirvish, Del Newbigging, Linda Mazur-Jack, and Carlos Tacalino, the latter three holding the office of the president, secretary and treasurer respectively. SauliusJaskus, Yoshiko Sunhara, Richard McNeill, and Alice Teichert were soon added to the MASC team.

The May 5, 2001 meeting established future MASC goals. Advice on means for MASC to establish connections with numismatic societies was offered by the Canadian Numismatic Association’s education chairman, Paul Johnson. In October of 2001, MASC’s initial newsletter “behind the MASC” was issued with MASC member John Carolan as editor, and in the spring of 2002, plans began for the first MASC exhibition in Ottawa. The dates of October 19, 2002 to April 2003 were determined, with the Canadian War Museum as host, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint.

Currently, the society consists of over 60 corporate, civic and private members, including galleries and the Royal Canadian Mint.

List of Past Exhibits

Student Recognition Program May to August, Rodman Hall Art Centre and Gallery, St. Catherines, Ontario


The Members Medal Exhibit, May 23 to June 6 Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario (catalogue available)


The 150 Canada Exhibit 1867-2017, March 9 to 31 Canadian Sculpture Centre, 500 Church St. Toronto (catalogue available)


The Great War Medal Exhibit 1914-1918, Dec. 3, 2016 to January 1 2018 Fort York Historic Site, Visitor Centre, Toronto, Ontario (catalogue available)


“100thAnniversary Show of Dora de Pedery-Hunt medals” Sunday November 17, Arts and Letters Club, Toronto


1812-2012: 200 Years of Peace June 1 to August 31, Rodman Hall Art Centre and Gallery, St. Catherines


My Favourite Medal Show September to May 31, Rodman Hall Art Centre and Gallery, St. Catherines,


Student Recognition Program May to August, Rodman Hall Art Centre and Gallery, St. Catherines, Ontario


A Celebration of Anniversaries in Medals December 1, 2009 to January 31, 2010, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto,


Best of MASC July 5 to September 5, The Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens and Gallery, Kelowna BC.


Monumental Miniatures September 20 to October 15, Canadian Sculpture Centre, 64 Merton St. Toronto.


MASC and the Art Medal November 17 to 21, Toronto City Hall,


Exhibition of Medals from the personal collection of Dora de Pedery-Hunt” September 20, Artcast, Georgetown Ontario.


The Art of the Medal October 2002 to April 20, 2003, Canadian War Museum, Ottawa Inaugural MASC conference and exhibition in Ottawa.

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