Creating a Model

By Marina Guglielmi and Edited by Tyler Balko

In these modern times, art medalists have more resources available for sculpting, in both material and methods, than ever before. This, of course, can be both exciting and liberating to an artist, or, completely overwhelming. Whether you are new to medallic art, or an established medallist with preferred media and technique, it is beneficial to know what is available…


Caring for your Medallic Art

By Marina Guglielmi

Bronze is an inherently beautiful, durable, and resilient metal. These characteristics have made it the primary casting media trusted by artists, sculptors, and medallists, both historical and contemporary. This illustrious metal is easy to care for, requiring very little, if any maintenance work. However, a little time and effort go a long way in preserving the visual character of bronze artwork, and in making sure it looks its best. This is especially important for medals, whose scale allows for a false ‘magnification’ of problematic surface issues that would go unnoticed to the viewer of large scale bronze sculpture…


Creating Medals with Winterstone

Eleven people enrolled for the workshop. The creator of Winterstone, Lorne Winters, met the group and talked about the product and how it could be utilized in making medals. Winterstone is a cement-based product. The participants tried the material in the rubber molds that they had brought to the workshop. Winterstone requires many hours and days to dry so it was impossible to try all of the steps. The number of coloured patinas that are possible are limitless….


Student Recognition Program​

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